CBD products can be a tricky thing to navigate. Whether it’s gels, capsules or anything else, there are hundreds – if not thousands – of different varieties. Chances are, you’ll have trouble finding the right CBD product or brand among this quickly growing market.

Fortunately, we now know enough about quality and production to evaluate a company based on their general standards. One company that gets everything right is Medterra. Let’s see what makes this company second to none.


Medterra goes to great lengths when it comes to their production standards.

  • CO2  Extraction

There are several cheaper options for extracting the CBD from hemp. Medterra, however, opts for the most complex, effective and costly method. Through a process known as “CO2 extraction,” Medterra uses liquid carbon dioxide, keeping it extremely cold and under a great deal of pressure. This allows for the purest form of CBD, retaining as many terpenes as possible, while simultaneously reducing things like residue and other impurities.

  • Hemp

According to Medterra’s website, all of their hemp is grown in the U.S.A. and strictly adheres to state regulations.

As far as the plants themselves, the CBD is sourced from organic, non-GMO hemp. This ensures that what they grow is pure, with no foreign contaminants.

Finally, their CBD is over 99% pure and contains absolutely no THC.

  • Quality Control

In an effort to guarantee a quality product, the company uses third parties to test the items prior to shipping them out. They apply the same scrutiny to their hemp plant batches, ensuring that they’re not contaminated.

In fact, their CBD is so pure that the liquid is completely clear and tasteless.


Medterra’s product range has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for help with sleep, pain or anything in between, you can expect the best performance from the best brand.

  1. Dissolvable Sleep TabletsMedtarra’s Dissolvable Sleep Tablets combine 25mg of CBD with 10mg of melatonin – a natural sleep chemical that we produce. Just one tablet before bed is an easy path to better, more restful sleep.

  2. CBD Pain CreamCBD Pain Cream combines CBD, Arnica and menthol to create the perfect solution for your sore muscles. The CBD and arnica go to work fighting pain, while the menthol gives a quick burst of coolness.
  3. CBD Gel CapsulesCBD Gel Capsules are a great all-around solution, day or night. Whether you need pain relief, relaxation or just take it for general health, this 25 – 50mg pill gets the job done.
  4. Medoil CBD TinctureMedoil CBD Tincture is available in up to 3,000mg strength to meet any need. The company uses medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, sourced from that of coconuts, to suspend the CBD. If that isn’t enough, the MCT oil has its own benefits as a source of healthy fats.
  5. Med 99 CBD CrystallineDo you fancy yourself a master chef (or at least a capable one)? Then Med99 CBD Crystalline is your ticket to custom, home made CBD infused items. This 99% pure isolate can be added as heavily or sparingly as you like, giving you total control over the CBD concentration.
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