In recent years, CBD Tinctures has proven to be an effective option for mitigating the symptoms of many different illnesses. While for the longest time, CBD received little attention, research prompted a lot of medical cannabis companies to offer it as alternative to the psychoactive THC.

The only hurtle was that CBD was only available via prescription. Today, however, anyone in the U.S. can purchase some of the best CBD tinctures in different volumes and strengths.

Unfortunately, the market is saturated with so many products, it’ll make your head spin – especially if you’re new to CBD. To make things easier, let’s look at the top eight CBD tinctures.

  1. CBD Hemp Oil Dew Drops

Dixie Botanicals


At 100mg of CBD, Dixie Botanicals’ CBD Hemp Oil Dew Drops packs a decent punch. While a flavorless variety is available, you can also get it in cinnamon or mint if you’re not a fan of the “hempy” taste.

With its organic ingredients and easy-to-use applicator, this is an excellent starting point for those curious about CBD.       

  1.  CBD Hemp Oil Line


Another great company, Katsnaturals offers products that

come in a variety of flavors and applications.

Heal is an all-around high potency CBD tincture with peppermint essential oil for extra flavor.

Naked is identical to heal, minus the flavoring. This one is ideal for people who prefer the “hempy” taste of CBD oil.

Balance works as a mood-enhancer that helps with concentration and assists digestion.

Metabolize is the perfect choice if you’re looking to burn fat by enhancing your metabolism.

Pet Care, as the name implies, is intended for animals. A few drops in the ear and your pet will experience a better mood, reduced pain (if necessary), better digestion and increased skin health.

  1. CBD Oil

Diamond CBD

Made with pure CBD hemp oil, Diamond CBD’s line of tinctures work well as a tincture or vape additive.

Diamond CBD, unlike some others, puts a strong value on your experience. To that end, they offer one of the largest varieties of flavors available. From fruity options like watermelon and raspberry to savory ones, such as vanilla and cotton candy, it’s no wonder why this appeals to tincture fans and vapers alike.

  1. High Grade CBD Oil

nuleaf-naturals-best-cbd-tinctures-300x300  NuLeaf Naturals

Don’t let its comparatively low cost fool you. NuLeaf Naturals’ High Grade CBD Oil has everything you need without draining your wallet.

Made with pure organic ingredients, NuLeaf uses a high-end CO2  extraction method to obtain the cannabinoids and terpenes without leaving behind impurities that plague older, cheaper methods.

As simple as its label yet infinitely more complex, NuLeaf is something definitely worth every penny for health enthusiasts everywhere.

  1. 3,000mg CBD Tincture


If you’re looking for raw power,

Medterra’s 3,000mg CBD

Tincture doesn’t disappoint.

At a CBD concentration of

3,000mg, this organic, U.S.

made tincture is completely

THC-free with a mild taste to boot.

  1. Gold KOI CBD

  Koi CBD

Another vape/tincture hybrid, Gold Koi CBD is available in strengths ranging from 100mg to 1,000mg. True to vape oil tradition, Koi emphasizes flavor as a critical part of its formula.

A mix of vanilla and caramel, this product will give you the CBD you need in a dessert-like experience.

With 100% natural CBD and food-grade vegetable glycerine, Koi adheres to the highest standards for e-liquids and CBD tinctures alike.

  1. CBD Oil 750mg


One of the lowest-priced CBD oils on the market, VerifiedCBD’s line of oils make excellent tinctures and vape additives.

Using the highly advanced supercritical CO2 extraction process, this products preserves a variety of terpenes, flavonoids and phenols. Consequently, this combination of compounds works with the CBD to create what’s called an “entourage effect,” wherein the combined ingredients work together to increase potency.

Made with non-GMO, 100% U.S. grown hemp with zero THC, VerifiedCBD provides incredible purity and value.

  1.  Hemp Oil 600

CBD Pure

Coming in at number one, Hemp Oil 600 by CBD Pure certainly earns its place.

Aside from containing the usual things that make a CBD product great – organic oil, natural flavor, high concentration – this product is sold in on, two and three month supplies 90 day money back guarantee.

The oil itself is sourced from hemp grown in Denmark, which is certified to be specially selected for its high CBD content, while also free of pesticides.

If you want natural taste, a strong effect and uncompromising purity, CBD Pure is the brand you want.

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